AgriCulture tells and makes you taste the quality and ecological sustainability of the production processes that lead to wine, apples, trouts, spirits, seasoned meats, cornmeal, berries, vegetables and cheeses generated from the variegated fertility of the Trentino region, thanks to the lively cooperation of its farmers.

This is not a show in front of a stage, there are no scenes that imitate anything else and the actors also pretend with discretion.

AgriCulture starts from the center of the country hosting the performance, where a performative information camp offers all the information necessary for the use of the event. In that camp, at set times, you can participate in a course that will teach you how to prepare a portion of 'canederli' (a North Italian typical dish) or a strudel in the Trentino manner.

To participate in AgriCulture you will be equipped with a portable radio and a color. The color will assign you to one of the 6 groups that will cross the country; the radio will guide you through the steps from one scene to another.

Each scene will tell a different product of the Trentino region, and each product will have its specific theatrical language: puppetry for cheeses, multimedia performance for wines and grappas, a course to learn how to work the land for vegetables, a realistic story for the apples ...

The historic center of the town hosting Agriculture is transformed into an open-air theater, and the tourist, for his part, into a spectator strolling among varied forms of food performances.

Here you can find the Agriculture video.

The event has a variable scheme, which can be modified according to the host location and the typical local products.

Debut: July-August 2005. It was then repeated during the summer of 2006, 2007 and 2008 in 12 different locations every year.

Direction and scenography: Silvio Panini - Texts: Paolo Pagliani, Silvio Panini and Hendry Proni - Original music: Tiziano Popoli, Gabriele Malavasi - Costumes: Loredana Averci - Performers: Alessia Brivio, Loredana Averci, Sara Marchesi, Gaia Ferrara, Elisa Turco Liveri, Rosamaria Maino, Alexia Bianchi, Alessandra Cortesi, Cesare Panini, Hendry Proni, Vincenzo di Maio, Marco Rebecchi, Marcello Paesano, Michele Cosentini - Technicians: Roberto Monari, Cesare Panini, Flavio Maino, Andrea Ricci. Organization: Marco Rebecchi, Gabriele Malavasi, Simona Panini, Selene Setti (Trentino Spa)

The show was created in collaboration with Trentino S.p.A., the Agriculture - Commerce and Tourism Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in various countries in the Autonomous Province of Trento.